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Meet CASA Volunteer Laura Miller

We asked laura about her experience being a casa, here’s what she said:

Why did you become a CASA?

When looking at social media or the news, one can easily see a lot of troubling happenings in our world.  While I can’t fix all the wrongs in the world, I wanted to do what I could to make a positive difference.  What better way for my efforts to have a long term effect than to help the upcoming generations through working with children? Volunteering for CASA helps give my life purpose.

What has kept you with us?

After working my first case, I felt like I finally started to really understand the role as a CASA advocate enough to make a bigger impact. With each case, I continue to learn more ways to benefit the child and often their parents in a meaningful way. I find the work fulfilling and educational for myself as well as helping the families affected by the cases.

What surprised you about your work for CASA?

Everything surprises me about my work with CASA.  The cases often take twists and turns, the parties involved are all unique personalities, and often friendships are made with the other professionals I’m working alongside.

Can you think of a time or two when you really felt you made a difference?

I worked with a teen who did pretty well in school, but never considered going to college because of her home life.  I was able to work with her high school counselor to support the teen in getting the requirements needed to get her admitted into college. Also, we were able to go on several college tours and I introduced her to several college liaisons who support foster kids through the admissions process, financial aid, and emotional support through the college years.  Once the case was over, the teen had family, high school staff, and college staff connections as well as a driver’s license to be successful in college and life.

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Denton County has so many causes that are important. Why should people donate to CASA?

There are a lot of great causes to support, but supporting CASA directly affects our children and the future generations.  CASA helps children stay on the better paths of remaining in school, getting emotional and medical support, and helping families get needed help.

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